Preview of the 2016 Geelong sports uniform poster

2016 Geelong Sports Uniforms Guide

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Guide last updated: 14 April 2016

For the uninitiated sports fan, Geelong is home to more than just a football club. There are a variety of sports teams from the Greater Geelong region competing their respective state leagues.

After completing this guide it has been interesting to notice trends occurring with the design of the uniforms. Many teams look to the Geelong Cats for inspiration with their branding and identity. This is evident with team nicknames such as the Baycats, the Supercats and the Cougars. Brand elements such as horizontal stripes depicted on the Rams, Galaxy and Geelong Cricket Club uniforms pay tribute to the Cats, as does the use of dark blue and white.

The sports teams featured in this guide and the respective leagues each of them compete in include:

  • Geelong Cats - Australian Football League
  • Geelong Falcons - TAC Cup
  • Geelong Rams - Victorian Rugby Union
  • Geelong Galaxy United FC - Women's National Premier League
  • Geelong Baycats - Baseball Victoria Summer League
  • North Geelong Warriors FC - National Premier League VIC West 2
  • Geelong Cricket Club - Victorian Premier Cricket
  • Geelong Cougars - Victorian Netball League
  • Geelong Supercats - South East Australian Basketball League
  • Geelong Buccaneers - Gridiron Victoria
  • Hockey Geelong - Hockey Victoria
  • Geelong Cycling Club - Cycle Sport Victoria