2017 Pixel Ninja Creative primary logo on a waving flag

A new logo and identity for Pixel Ninja Creative

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After months of strategic planning, conceptual work and careful revisions, I'm finally pleased to announce the new identity which Pixel Ninja Creative will use as it enters its fifth year of business in late-July.

2014 Pixel Ninja Creative logo

The previous identity, designed in 2014, featured an abstract ninja based on the kanji for 'honourable person' (方). Known internally as the "Blob Ninja", it served Pixel Ninja Creative quite well - even displaying a number of costume changes! But a lot has changed at Pixel Ninja Creative since 2014 and with the business focusing more on the sports industry it became clearer to update the identity in order to realign with the current business direction.

2017 Pixel Ninja Creative primary logo

The new primary mark utilises elements commonly associated with sports brands such as the mascot, the wordmark and the art style. Secondary marks were created with some or all of those elements and assist in providing more flexibility than what was previously available.

The goal for the new identity was to make Reiko, the ninja, easier to recognise and to give her more character. Combining influences from modern Japanese culture such as the animated film Ninja Scroll with traditional Japanese culture such as a geisha's face make-up, Reiko's appearance is now one of a determined warrior, proud of who and what she is.

The typeface, named Pivot for its connection to Geelong and also its grid-based construction, was custom made which is a first for Pixel Ninja Creative. It was partially inspired by the red torii gates (⛩️) found at the entrance to a Shinto shrine and combines a pixel font's structure with a sports font's aesthetic.

Colour will play an important role in the new identity and will comprise of three categories: default, retro and custom. The new black, grey and green colour palette will form the default category and will be used in almost all marketing and branding applications. The traditional blue and yellow colour palette has been updated and moved to the retro category where it will be used for special occasions. Client work and sponsorship opportunities will make use of the custom category with the identity able to adapt to suit any colour palette.

Pixel Ninja Creative t-shirt design

Finally, to celebrate this momentous occasion, merchandise featuring the new primary logo is now available from the Pixel Ninja Creative store.