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Memorable motorsport liveries immortalised in new print series

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Pixel Ninja Creative has released a series of prints showcasing Australia's most memorable motorsport liveries.

Starting with the Ford FGX Falcon, the new print collection will consist of existing liveries from the FGX era along with retro concepts from years gone by.

“These prints have been designed specifically for Australian motorsport fans who appreciate livery design,” said Creative Director, Peter Bailey, “and the FGX Falcon has had some great liveries over recent years.”

A large amount of research goes into each print to ensure sponsor logos and other design elements are accurately replicated.

“Before I decide on which livery to include, I gather as much reference material as I can find in order to determine if I can complete the print.

“I have been lucky so far since the FGX liveries are very recent however once I begin to add older liveries into the collection I can imagine the difficulty will increase significantly.”

With 10 FGX prints already completed, a further five prints scheduled for release later in 2017 will complete the FGX collection while plans are currently under way to include other makes and models. Fans can have their say on which liveries to include by joining in on discussions via social media (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter).