Angels of Deathbridge logo
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Fear the Reaper

The Angels of Deathbridge are a fictitious mixed gender roller derby team based in Lethbridge, Victoria providing people located in the Golden Plains Shire with a safe and family-friendly alternative to ball sports. Combining the macabre theme of death with a vibrant, retina-burning colour palette, Pixel Ninja Creative sought to create a roller derby brand identity which bucks the trend of using Rockabilly pinup girls to represent a roller derby brand.

Inspired by the types of graveyards seen in country Victoria, the primary logo consists of blackletter logotype and a skull strategically positioned to form the gynoecium of a flower. Halftones shade each logo in the identity for a visually striking appearance.

The Skull Flower mark was animated for use in light-hearted, over-dramatic, promotional videos. The idea behind these videos were to generate interest in future events by selling how tough their opponents are and how it would take a monumental effort to win.

Roller Derby skaters competing near a team banner Angels of Deathbridge logo suite Close-up view of the logos
Home Uniform Away Uniform Branded t-shirt
Alternate roller derby team logo