Hill Valley Cubbies

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Hill Valley Cubbies logo

Honouring the Past

Fans of the Back to the Future film trilogy declared October 21, 2015 to be "Back to the Future" Day in reference to the date in which main characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd respectively), travel to in the second film. Many major brands seen in the film such as Nike, Pepsico and USA Today also joined in the festivities. Baseball fans wondered if the Chicago Cubs would play and win the World Series like they did in the film. Amazingly, the prediction was only out by a year.

Pixel Ninja Creative joined in on the celebrations too, inventing a baseball team brand identity that could exist in the film's setting of Hill Valley, California. While the "Cubbies" team name is a film-based reference to the Chicago Cubs, most of the references seen in the identity are based on the town's history. Slab-serif fonts represent the town's establishment in the late 1800's. The clock tower, a major landmark in Hill Valley, is used in the wordmark and primary logo. The shading on the Lightning Cub mark was designed to resemble a lightning bolt which hit the clock tower in 1955.

In 2017, the Lightning Cub mark was included in the tenth volume of a world-renowned book series, Logo Lounge.

Logo concept sketches
Team logos Logos in closer detail
Team uniforms
Baseball Cap Branded shirt
Logo displayed on baseball field Hill Valley Cubbies alternate logo